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What Can Rodents Climb?

Rodents and rats are most active during winter seasons. They search for houses that will keep them from the cold weather. They prefer someplace that have plenty of food and water. In order to prevent rat infestation, you should make sure that your house is sealed. Rats and mice look for small holes that can serve as their entry points.

Rats and mice as climbers

A lot of electricians have problems with gnawed wires because of rodents. They are excellent climbers and they have a lot of tricks that they use to get inside the house of a homeowner. They can easily scale vertical walls when needed. Many of them scurry up on high palms and other trees when chased by predators. They can climb on electrical wires, cables, and pipes in order to get inside the walls of a house.

A research in the University of Nebraska has found out that mice can climb any wall. They can run on drywall, plastic, wood, brick, stucco, sheet metal, and concrete. The roof rat got its name because it is an expert in climbing roofs.

The skill of a rodent depends on what species it belongs to. Their claws can latch on to any surface. Their phalanges that look like fingers can grip trees and woods. The sharpness of the claws can increase the friction when they are climbing. They are also very quick and agile. Their agility can allow them to climb walls in seconds. The tails can be used as a balancer. They can walk on wires and cords while balancing themselves using their long tails.

Why you should get rid of them

If you see a rat running on your roof, this can be a problem for you and your family. They can live in your attics or inside your walls. They can chew on your furniture, important papers, clothing, and electrical wires. This can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Rats usually climb roofs because they can do whatever they want while remaining undetected. A single damaged shingle can give them access. Rats are intelligent creatures. They will just simply chew on the weakest part of the roof in order to gain access inside your house.

What to do if you are infested

The important thing is not to let them stay inside your house. You should clean your house thoroughly. Don’t leave food on countertops and sinks for too long. You should be able to make their environment unhealthy. You can set baits and traps to several places inside your house. You can also put glue traps on your walls and on holes in order to catch them. Rat glue is commonly used for small rodents. Make sure that these traps are safe for small children and pet dogs. Employ a pest technician if the rodents are out of control. You can also ask an expert on what you should do in order to prevent the rodents from coming back inside your house.

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