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What Problems do Monkeys Cause for People?

Monkeys are considered the forerunners of the human race. While not all people believe this, there are still noticeable similarities between primates and humans. Some scientists even take monkeys to be trained in laboratories to become more like a person. Some keep them as pets.

Monkeys are not Ideal Pets

Keeping a pet monkey is not recommended. They are extremely temperamental creatures. They will bite you if the circumstances are not to their liking. They are used to lash out when angry or upset. They are also costly to maintain. You need special permits, housing and specific diets for your monkeys. They also tend to develop diabetes early, and it is hard to find a veterinarian to treat them.

Monkeys can Pass Diseases

Monkey bites can cause rabies. These can cause death if not immediately treated. Even though monkey bites have a 4 percent chance of transmitting rabies compared to dogs, the bites are still painful and dangerous. Monkeys can also transmit tuberculosis through bites and scratches. Tuberculosis paralyzes the brain and attacks the immune system. Their bites can also cause tetanus.

Monkeys’ Behavior at Home

Monkeys will make your home stink. They can urinate everywhere. They can throw their feces and do a poop painting job on your walls. You might think that these problems can be solved by diapers. However, diapers can cause unwanted rashes and infections especially if they are not removed immediately. Zoos let the monkeys do anything they want inside the cages. This can’t be the case at home. Monkeys can live healthily in zoo cages without any human contact. They are also extremely clingy. They can develop diseases if they are adopted by a new home. Humans can’t also be a substitute to a monkey mother. Unlike dogs, monkeys are prone to develop psychological damage when they are removed from their mom’s care.

Monkeys as primates are extremely territorial. They will attach themselves to the alpha of the home and will consider everyone to be enemies. They can bite small children and pets in order to show their status. You might be the sole caretaker of your monkey and that can be hard if you have a full-time job or if you need to take vacations.

Primate Trades

In many states, it is illegal to own a monkey. You must check first with your state if monkeys are allowed inside houses since you might be paying a hefty fine if it is illegal. You might also encourage illegal monkey breeders to continue selling monkeys as pets if you buy one from them. It can be inhumane for a primate mother to continue breeding babies just to part from it afterward.

Overall, you need to make sure that you can handle the pressure of having a primate inside your home. Sanctuaries are out of the question. Many of them crowded already and some are short of funds to support another animal. You should research thoroughly before allowing a monkey inside your home.

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