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Pest Animal Removal Bowling Green, Ohio!

Call us now at (419) 956-0600 for professional wildlife removal services in Bowling Green, OH.

- Animal trapping and relocation using humane traps
- Removal of animals in attics and chimneys and walls
- Animal damage repairs: chewed wood, wires, and more
- Prevention services to keep critters away permanently
- Home inspections to find animal entry holes and damage
- Attic restoration: cleanup and insulation replacement
- Dead animal removal both outside and in the walls
- Rodent control - permanent solution, poison-free
- Bat colony removal with 100% legal success rate
- Bird control services: pigeons, sparrows, etc
- Snake removal services: we come out 24/7

We are a team of highly skilled wildlife control professionals. As one of the top and largest wildlife control companies in the area, our services are tailored to serve a wide range of needs. You can contact us for emergency critter removal. You can also contact us for large-scale services. We are equipped with state-of-the-art tools. We apply the best practices and offer permanent solutions to wildlife control needs. Our teams of technicians have worked on a wide range of scenarios and are equipped to serve you. When a team is deployed to your property, they begin by carrying out an extensive 32-point inspection to understand the scope of the problem fully and work on it. You do not want wildlife on your property because the critters carry diseases and can destroy your lawn in no time after they infest. We remove rodents, birds, bats, and all kinds of wildlife from commercial and residential properties. We apply only the best practices. When we catch animals like raccoons and opossums, for example, we relocate them to a place that is at least 10 miles from your property. As a family business with strong values, we interact with our clients with the highest level of respect. We are just a phone call away and available anytime.